Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Streetball Ball Handling Skills

Basketball is the basic fundamental of streetball and like many other things, the skills can be self-taught by dedicated practice and learning. Kobe Bryant's success is partly attributed to his great coaches and trainers, but the person who deserves most credit for his accomplishment is Kobe himself. There must be a reason in having a stellar talent, and one of the most important factor is consistent practicing!

Ball handling skills is the most important factor you must achieve before doing more complicated tricks. First, you need to learn how to handle the ball effectively or in other words, how to dribble well. Dribbling a basketball may seem easy, but to dribble smartly and give your defender a hard time, you've got to learn some special tricks and practice diligently.

Basic Tips in this post are the Dribbling Dos and Don'ts that you must understand.

The basic dribbling skill is achieved by getting used to dribbling using your fingertips, NOT your palm. At the end of practice, check your hand. If your palm is clean and your fingers are dirty, it means you're dribbling correctly.
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In a basketball game you must not keep dribbling until you are no longer guarded. You should pass the ball as soon as you see a teammate become open. If you keep dribbling, your teammates will stop trying to get open after a while, as they know they won't get the ball from you. Learn to dribble by feel so that you can always keep your head up to spot defenders and open teammates.

In a real game quick defenders have plenty of time to steal the ball, from the moment you push the ball to the floor until it bounces back to your fingertips. Hard dribbles shorten the time that you have no control over the ball and accordingly, minimize the risk of losing the ball to your defender.



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