Monday, August 25, 2008

Indonesian Ballers at Malaysia

THE brief appearance of visiting streetballers from the Ball Star Indonesia added extra excitement to the fifth and final leg of the AND1 Streetball Challenge at the Berjaya Times Square on Sunday.

Although the trio of Bayu Radityo a.k.a Lunatic, Gobel a.k.a Trickz and Okto a.k.a Total Package missed their opening match in the open (non-Chinese) category, they had the chance to thrill the crowd in an exhibition match against the previous winners of the In Search of Freestylists on the main court set up with a special surface for the occasion.

The 29-year-old Bayu said they failed to show up in time to feature in the main competition because they had too much fun at a show a day earlier.


New Streetball Movie!

A brand new feature film, based on the life of two streetballers will headline the Urban World/BET Film Festival in Manhattan next month.

The story centers on two junior college basketball players from broken homes in St. Louis, one from the south side, the other from the north, but both hoping to use sports as their escape.

"This could be any neighborhood in the U.S.," said Matthew Krentz, the film's writer, director and co-star opposite former Missouri guard Jimmy McKinney and Patrick Rooney. "There's hundreds of thousands of athletes who aren't going pro, who are just trying to get scholarships and coping with life on a daily basis.

"And there's a lot of stuff in their environments that are holding them back."

McKinney, 24, was a standout at Vashon High School before entering Missouri as a highly heralded recruit. Though his college career was somewhat frustrating, he's been successful in three seasons playing professionally in Germany.



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