Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Headache" And1 playing in Indonesia

"Headache" couldn't handle an Indonesian baller called "Insane". It was not shown in the video above but Headache dropped while failing to steal the ball.

Indonesia got great ballers yo!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Air Up There: 720 dunker

His real name is Taurian Fontenette and earned his streetball name "Air Up There" when he was back in school, now he is Mr. 720!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

and1 streetball 2007

This is a video from ESPN

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Street Ball Shoes Collection

Free Streetball Wallpapers

Just click on the pic you like... save as to your hardisk

Download Streetball Videos

Here is a list of free streetball videos.

Choose the video you want from the list and Right Click Save Target As (to save the video to your harddisk)

Shay Boi Mix
Werm Mix
Flight Brothers Mix
Night Hoops
German Graham
Summer 2004
New Era
Germany Got Game
Frankfurt 2004
Germany's Finest
Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Fabian Greiser SAS 2006
Germany's Finest DVD Preview
Fabian Greiser BBL
Germany's Finest DSF
Nike Midnight Madness Finals
Nike Midnight Madness Brixton Qualifier
Nike Midnight Madness Birmingham Qualifier
Nike Midnight Madness Crystal Palace Qualifier
Quai 54 Day 1
Streetball TV Episode 2
Streetball TV Joe White Classic
Brighton June 06
Various Highlights April 2006
Harlow 3 vs. 3 2006
2005 Review
SBUK vs. Chronicles Part II
Streetball Allstars IV
Nike Midnight Madness Finals
Nike Midnight Madness Crystal Palace
Nike Midnight Madness Birmingham
Nike Midnight Madness Brixton
Various Highlights July 2005
Streetball Goes to Germany
Leeds "Street Jamz"
Various Highlights
2004 in Review
London Pillow Fight
Streetball All Stars III
Plymouth, Brighton & Rok Solid Highlights
Westside 3vs.3, Bradford 3vs.3
Durham 3vs.3
Paws/SBUK 3vs.3
Hendon Highlights/Richmond Camp
Harlow 3vs.3 2004
2003 In Review (Part 1)
2003 In Review (Part 2)
Streetball All Stars II (Part 1)
Streetball All Stars II (part 2)
Various Highlights
Brighton 4vs.4 2003
AND1 Open Run
Harlow 3vs.3 2003
U20 Final 4 2003
Midnight Madness/MTV Run
Streetball All Stars I (Part 1)
Streetball All Stars I (Part 2)
Brighton 4vs.4 2002
Bude 3vs.3
12 Foot Dunk Contest
Murder Dem
Out of Control
City Slam ATL Regional Full Show
City Slam NYC Regional
City Slam Oakland Regional Full Show

And1 Mix Tape Tour: Asia-Pacific (2006)

Japan, Hong Kong (but not shown), the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia: And1: Asia Pacific Tour is as much a basketball exhibition as a cultural one, from the corporate madness that is Japan to the third-world ghettos of the Philippines.

Three things stand clear from this video: 1) Helicopter must have, pound for pound, inch for inch, the best vertical of ANY And1 player EVER, and this video showcases that; 2) Aaron "AO" Owens is the most accurate passer I've ever seen not in the NBA; 3) a lot of these players can be complete, hypocritical beyotches.

Case in point: It's ok to push and shove your opponent, rip their shirt off, and throw a ball in their face...but when they do it to you, you hold your face as though you're hurt? C'mon, even Jordan acknowledged that risk, saying, after Allen Iverson famously crossed him over, that you burn and you get burned--it's the risk of it all. Alimoe, despite his amazing skills that come back in this video, is a big practitioner of "I can do it to you, but you can't do it to me." Hot Sauce, not present, is next on the list.

- Spyda and Helicopter each get a local in Australia and play "you try to dunk on me, then I'll try to dunk on you." Ridiculous when you think that the opponents know what type of shot is coming.
- A Filipino kid PUNKS Alimoe majorly, and pulls a move that has to be in the Top 10 of the exhibition moves (meaning moves taken from the Rucker tournament or in-game somewhere, are on a whole 'nother level).
- 50's winning dunk in the Spyda (New Skool) v. 50 (Old Skool) Dunk Off.
- End Credits. This features some nasty trick shots, and starts off with a hilarious interview by AO of a guy who says he's Chinese (looks like it), but was born in Mauritius, which is off the coast of Africa, but grew up in India. AO spins him silly like he does players on the court, asking constantly if he's Indian or African.

It's worth your money, finally. The players are new, with new moves, traveling to places where their opponents haven't been overexposed to the AND1 phenomenon. The crowds are genuine and excited, as is the intensity of most of the games.
My new favorite, since the Vol. 1-4 DVD.

Buy at amazon: And1 Mix Tape Tour: Asia-Pacific

NBA Live 08: included FIBA Championships

Electronic Arts, the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company, and FIBA, the world governing body for basketball, today announced a multi-year licensing agreement that will bring the FIBA World Championship to a videogame for the first time ever. Fans of the NBA LIVE franchise will soon be able to expand their virtual basketball experience to include teams from all over the world. NBA LIVE 08, shipping this October, will feature eight international teams, including 2006 World Championship winners Spain, runners up Greece and USA, as well as France, Germany, Italy, Argentina and China.


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