Sunday, November 18, 2007

streetball tricks

Here are some streetball moves - tricks you should learn in order to get some respect.

1. See No Evil

This move is a signature trick from Tru Baller. How to do the trick; make sure you wear a loose or a baggy basketball short. (so you can place the ball inside it). Do some cross the legs dribble and start positioning your body close to your defender (make sure your defender is not significantly taller than you!). Grab the ball on your strong hand and curl it over your defenders head, turn your body and while turning back, place the ball inside your pants.

Well if you can't imagine how to do it here is a video that explains it clearly. Although the players in the vid suck! ha ha ha.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Streetball Mixtape Videos Library

Streetball Confidential (Two-Disc Set - DVD & Bonus CD)

First ever DVD to feature 14 exclusive streetball moves; Bonus CD by The Game; Rap Icon and former G-Unit member The Game takes you to Cali's toughest courts where streetball legend Headache unleashes his most jaw-dropping moves, including the Matrix, Kick Crossover, Snatch Back, and more. From impressive ball handling to spectacular dunks and amazing alley-oops, the secrets behind the stunts are all revealed. Plus, see what happens when NBA's Baron Davis invites Headache to try his skills in a one-on-one challenge.


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