Thursday, August 30, 2007

Get your crossover right

If you wanna get your crossover right, you got watch them pros do it. Like Allen Iverson, Stephon Marbury and etc. Sorry I didn't include And 1 players.

You got to get your cross over right, right?

So here is the basic theory

Dribble the ball in your dominant hand (let's pretend you're right-handed for the purpose of this example).

Use your body as a slight barrier between the ball and your defender, but still face your defender.

Take a step with your left foot.

Follow that with a step with your right foot.

Let the defender move in the direction you appear to be headed.

Switch the ball to your left hand with a quick, low bounce directly in front of your defender.

Take a step with your left foot around the defender.

Drive to the basket.

But again you got to watch how pros do it, certainly its gotta be quick aight.

and1 streetball ps2

I hope they could fix all the bugs in the game, if they could release a second version of this game.

Sorry to say but and1 streetball game really sucks.

Here's a video when I had some errors playing it

and 1 or nike?

you prefer and 1 shoes or nike air force?

Lil Wiz, Pinoy Baller

Full respect to Lil Wiz. This kid got skills like breakdancing and fast dribble. He got handles foolin around them and 1 players.

Tony Trixz

who is tony trixz? only thing I know is that he has good streetball skills and got featured in Nike Freestyle video.

if anyone know about him. Please comment here.


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